2019/2020 News

I am slow to update this page as social media does a good job with updates. But some news:

Farewell Sassafrass MACH5 Fast-Trak Trash Talkn Time, OD, ADHF, CDX, CCA, TKN, MAD
A couple of days before her 15th Birthday, my precious Sassy took her last breath. She was the first born from the first Fast-Trak litter. She was my first multiple MACH dog and she took me on my first ride into NOV A obedience. I had no idea what I was doing but she sure did. We went as far as CDX with no formal training (placements in all her classes including a placement at the National Specialty in Open A for the first time). She was the greatest gift I could have asked for from her mother, Daphne.

Sassy found time to have three litters. Those three litters made her an outstanding Dam and the number one producing MACH, ADHF, MX, MXJ dam of all time (according to undendiable goldens). For that, I am immensely proud.

Life without her is quite empty. I look for her everywhere and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and hope she is in a better place. Our 15 years together were the most special years of my life.

MACH27 Slam……congrats to Maggie and Slam……9 1/2 and still going strong and earning their MACH 27.

Plenty becomes an Outstanding DAM – the six redheads from the Plenty X Trek breeding have been very busy. So busy, that they made their Momma an Outstanding Dam before they turned 3. Thank you, Rosa, Artie Ross, Taxi, Measure, Uneek and ‘NSync.

Looking forward to Puppies in 2020……..stay tuned……Plenty X Finn ( Sunfire Finn)