Sassy X Thriller – Repeat

We loved our first Sassy X Thriller pups so much we decided to repeat the breeding.  On June 9 2010, nine puppies (6 boys / 3 girls) were born by C -section.  Despite a difficult pregnancy, Sassy did very well through the section and began nursing immediately.  A special thanks to Deb Leach, Dr Mary and Deb Nally for all their support and expertise during the delivery.

Pups were very busy and at 8 weeks went off to their homes literally all over the country.  Pups now live in NH, TX, WI, TN,VA,PA ,LA and NJ. Videos of them growing can be seen on our youtube channel – K9agile.

Early 2106 update….these dogs have excelled in all they do. Slam was on the podium at the Invitational in December 2015. 6 of the 9 dogs have multiple championships in several agility venues. Coupe has now sired a couple of litters and those pups look to be awesome as well. You can see the individual dogs performance accomplishments on k9data.

Coupe at 8 weeks

Coupe at 8 weeks

See some pictures of the pups on the gallery page.

  Pups just after temperment testing….