Sassy X Duster

Sassy was bred to Duster in January 2009.  On March 31 – 4 pups joined the family – 3 boys and 1 girl.

Shoreland Leave’m In The  Dust pedigree is at:

Duster was a finalist at the 2009 AKC Agility Nationals in the 20 inch class.  The other golden in the finals with him was Sassy’s brother, Beamer!

To date, Screech and Only have earned a MACH and Screech also added an ADCH recently. Bounder and Dylan are also wonderful working dogs and both are working on advanced agility titles.
Some pictures of pups:


 Most recent videos:

To see complete videos throughout the first 6 weeks – search on k9agile on youtube.

Earlier videos of pups:







Only, Bounder, Screech and Dylan turned one year old on March 31, 2010…..the brothers got together about a month before their first birthday and are pictured below: