Our Litters

To date, we have bred five litters.  First, was Daphne X Timer – see the page dedicated to this breeding.  The second time, we bred Sassy to Thriller.  You can read more info about these two breedings by clicking on their pages.  The third breeding was Sassy X Duster and finally, the fourth just recently, was a repeat of the Sassy X Thriller breeding. Three years ago we bred our Sassy granddaughter, Plenty, to Trek. This year we have bred Plenty to Finn.

Prior to these breedings, our friend and breeder, Gerry Clinchy,  bred our  Rosie and Sprite . They were both bred twice.  We co-owned Rosie and Sprite at the time.  Those breedings were: Rosie X Steeler; Rosie X Marley.  (You can find the particulars by clicking on the link to K9data on Rosie’s page. )  Sprite was bred to Maverick and then later to Salty.  That info can also be found on the link to K9data on Sprite’s page.