MACH ADCH Fast-Trak Raise The Woof – ADHF,XF

Screech was born March 31, 2009 and is from the Sassy X Duster breeding.  He was the only red pup in the group and we decided he picked us.   He is officially: Fast-Trak Raise The Woof .

He is intense, driven and funny!  He has a sense of humor and not much phases him (except the hose!).  His littermates are all competing in agility and doing very well.

Screech has been out in the field just twice but was quite impressive with his natural marking ability.  When we find time, we will try to develop those talents more!

Screech is my first dog to earn a championship in two different agility venues.

Screech passed away in April 2018 of renal lymphoma. His passing broke my heart.

Screech's sister, Only


Screech (c) with brothers, Bounder (L) and Dylan (R)








Some video taken at 18 weeks(mostly body and face type shots):

Screech at 9 months

Screech at play - Dec 09 



Some videos of Screech playing on the teeter at 14 weeks are below:–qwI

Screech starting to show his skills in excellent:


More video can be found on youtube at k9agile….