Jumping is so much fun!

Jumping is so much fun!

 (Photo by Karen Hocker)

Sassy was the first puppy born in the Daphne X Timer breeding.  She came out screaming her lungs out – thus the name Sassy and Trash Talkn Time!  Thank goodness that was the only time she was mouthy and in fact, she is the quietest of all our dogs!

Small, compact, athletic and very red is how one would describe her.  She weighs about 49 lbs and is just over 20.5 inches tall.  Most of the work with Sassy has been in agility although we are beginning to train in obedience.  Field and obedience will be our focus during this next year.

Sassy is serious, hard working, intense about the ball and retrieving and a very good buddy.  She will play all day if you let her but she does have a nice off button when you indicate that play is over.

Sassy had three litters of puppies.  She was bred twice to OTCH Wynwood’s Thrill of It All, JH and once to MACH5 Shoreland Leav’em In The Dust. These puppies are mostly in working homes and doing amazing things earning many MACH’s, ADCH, a number of ADHF’s, and involved in tracking, field and obedience work.  Pictures from various litters can be found on the gallery page. The success of the dogs from her litters have made her the top producing DAM of all time of MACH, MX and AX dogs. (See undeniable goldens website)

Sassy’s pedigree is at:

Sassy is a carrier of the prcd-pra gene.  Her Penn Hips were excellent – rating in the 90th percentile and she has OFA good hips and clear elbows.