MACH2 Pine Run’s Liv’n It Up OF ADHF, XF, PDIII

Olivia is loved by both of us and handled in the agility ring by Clyde.  She is very blond, slim, intense and very athletic. 

When she is not doing agility she would prefer to be catching a frisbee or telling the dogs that live behind us that she is top dog in the development!

Olivia and Clyde earned the MACH just a week after her sister Splash did.  Both these Sprite daughters inherited Sprite’s wonderful foot speed and drive and thankfully, they got their common sense from their sire, Salty!  Olivia does sound like her dam , especially when she is at the start line or on the table during a standard run.

olivmach   click on this link for a photo 

To date, Olivia ranks in the top 25 of goldens earning MACH points.  She has slowly moved up the list.  In the 20 inch class in the Northeast – those placement points are tough to come by but Olivia’s speed makes it doable. 

In 2007 Olivia qualified to compete at the AKC nationals.  Clyde hopes they will do the same in 2008!

We said goodbye to Olivia about 5 months before she would turn 16. She lived a long, full life and we miss her terribly.

Olivia’s MACH2 run (jww)