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Meeting a Newfie at 4 months old!

Meeting a Newfie at 4 months old!

Brash had a rough start to life.  Just seconds after being born – while trying to cut the cord – a part of his left rear toe was accidently taken off.  I think his human owners were more upset than he was – as he seemed to survive the trauma and keep the stiches in without getting an infection the first two weeks of his life.  Thankfully, his dam, Sassy, took great care of him and although she cleaned her pups religiously – she was always careful to stay away from the stiches and the toe!

Clyde and Mardi loved this little guy from the start because of his start to life!  Plus we loved watching him sneak away with all the toys and then hide them when he was just about 4 or 5 weeks old.  He would quietly gather up toys and take them away from the rest of the gang!  He still loves to do that !

Brash is small, sweet, smart and tough – got to be tough to live in  a home with 5 other females and one bossy brother!

He is prcd-pra clear.  His pedigree can be found at:

He is ICT affected.

Some video of Brash on the agility course: