About PRA

prcd-PRA is a  genetic eye disorder now  found in goldens. PRA itself has been around for some time but the prcd version is new to goldens – however not new to labs, poodles and portuguese water dogs, to name a few. The disease causes gradual sight loss resulting in blindness late in life.

Our Daphne was diagnosed affected with PRA in 2007 and after blood work was tested – she was confirmed as prcd-PRA by Optigen.  She was the first golden to test this way. Subsequently, we have tested many of the dogs related to Daphne and encouraged other kennels to do the same. The carriers are beginning to appear in a number of pedigrees and we do hope that with responsible testing and breeding we will be able to control and eliminate affected dogs.

Please go to www.optigen.com to read about prcd-PRA and to understand the difference between “carrier” and “affected” and how it manifests itself in breeding. You will note on K9data that all our dogs have been tested and their status in listed in honorifics.

Also a new database has been created – www.goldendna.com – for breeders and owners of dogs to list the status of their dogs after testing. You can also find information on this site about the Icthyosis testing being done by Optigen.  Note that the incidents of carriers and affected of ICT is much higher than PRA.  Fast-Trak dogs tested for ICT can be found on k9data and GoldenDNA.  Information is being scanned and loaded as of May 2012.