Daphne X Timer

Mardi and Daphne drove all the way to Oklahoma to do this breeding.  It was so worth it!!!

Daphne X Timer (full pedigree at k9data and can be linked from Daphne’s page) produced 9 fantastic pups. 8 are in working homes.  To date, there are six champions – two ADCH’s,  three MACH’s,  and one NATCH.  There are a couple of MX, MXJ’s , three Agility Dog Hall of Fames, CD, CDX  and a TDX.    Additionally, a couple of the pups have shown some field ability – earning a couple of WC’s and two JH’s.  More to come in that arena.   Best, though, is that  all nine of them are in terrific homes with folks who really adore them.

Some of the Daphne X Timer pups at a trial

All these pups are carriers of the PRCD-PRA gene as Daphne was diagnosed affected about a year after they were born.  The testing , though, made it clear that Timer was clear.

We are so thankful to Helen Smith, owner of Timer, for allowing us the opportunity to breed to Timer.