Pine Run For the Sprite of It, JH,AX,MXJ,AJP,OD,CGC


We also co-owned Sprite with her breeder, Gerry Clinchy.  Gerry bred her twice during our co-ownership.

Sprite was a special dog.  A pretty blond with lots of go she, sometimes, had too much go!  She was willing to learn and do anything but sometimes her excitement got the better of her.  Mardi never complained as Sprite’s enthusiasm was so much fun to work with.  To give you an example, Sprite never earned the MX because she just didn’t like to lie down on the table!  All her AX legs were with a sit – which she could manage to do while barking to make sure we knew she wanted off the table so she could keep moving!

She did produce two wonderful litters of puppies.  She has three MACH daughters, and another daughter with a Senior Hunter – who is just a leg shy of a Master Hunter.  All her MACH daughters are also Hall of Fame dogs.

Her pedigree and the links to her litters can be found at:


Sprite was a carrier of the prcd-pra gene.