Watermark’s Fast-Trak ‘Nuff Already – AX,MXJ,ND,AAD

Plenty was an unplanned puppy. After saying goodbye to Daphne, I so wanted another “female” that I could raise and hopefully breed when old enough. Timing is everything. About the time I began to think about adding a new dog, I heard that one of my Sassy son’s, Coupe, was being bred. I was lucky enough to get on the list and even luckier to hear there were enough girls born to select from.

Plenty stole my heart from the minute I met her. She has grown into a lovely dog. She is about 42 lbs and about 20 inches tall. She is doing very nicely in the early stages of her agility career. She has a nice combination of drive and smarts.

Plenty was bred in December 2016 and had puppies January 2017. See the link Plenty X Trek