MACH Pine Run A Li’l Daph’ll Do Ya WC,ADHF,AAD,OD,OF,NJP

I knew I would pick Daphne from the moment she opened her eyes in the whelping box.  It seemed that every time I came to visit the litter – she was the first to the edge of the box saying “pick me, pick me” – and I did!

Daphne is moderate in size, red in color, with a lovely expression. She is eager to please and full of lots of play.  She was very easy to train in agility and took to the sport easily. On July 1 2007 – she earned her MACH with her 20th QQ. This was the first championship Mardi earned with a dog.

Having only one litter due to the diagnosis of PRA – Daphne became an Outstanding Dam before the litter was three and a half. You can see the accomplishments of her litter by clicking on the link to k9data


Daphne at age 6

Daphne at age 6

Photo by Karen Hocker