All things related to Sassy

2012 Brags….

MACH2 Klymer!

MACH9 Beamer!

MACH Slam (only 22 months old)

ADHF Coupe (22mos), Secret and Strut……

MACH2 Olivia

Cheater, Journey, Quiver and Stash start their agility careers!

Kenzie makes the master finals in Dock Diving!

New Brags…..

Congrats to Jane and MACH7 Beamer.

Sassy now Outstanding Dam…thanks, Gabe, Preacher, Kenzie and Secret!

Late 2010 Fast-Trak Updates:

It’s MACH2 Sassy!

Gabe earns MX,MXJ – and some more Rally and USDAA titles!

Preacher earns TD

Beamer goes to Invitational again!  Finishes in top 2 among Goldens in AKC point earners!

Brash earns MXJ,AX

Only earns AX,AXJ

Screech earns OA, NAJ

Bounder and Dylan begin their agility careers!

A winning National Specialty

The 2008  National Specialty was some event for Pine Run and Fast-Trak dogs.  In agility, the dogs earned 33 placements.  Nikon won the agility award for winning both standard and jumpers on Tuesday!!!

All the dogs took home ribbons with placements – what a two days.    Visit the pawprinttrials website for details on each dog.  The can be searched in 20 and 24 inch classes and can be found by call names: Lindy;Beamer;Delta;Sassy;Klymer;Olivia;Splash;Flyte;Zer;Snapshot;Flash;Daphne and Nikon.

Trooper (a Maverick son) won the Triatholon Award for his MH qualifier, win in the Field trial class in breed ring, and a Rally leg.  Way to go Trooper!