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Beamer Fantastic at Invitational

Congrats to Jane and Beamer on an amazing Invitational in CA.

Beamer finished as the top sporting dog in agility and 2nd overall in the 2o inch class.  He had 5 fast, clean rounds at the event and posted very competitive times.

What’s next big guy?

TOR earns the WCX

Congrats to Tor, Fast-Trak’s Need for Speed, on earning the WCX.

This handsome man is multi-talented having accomplished titles in Tracking, Obedience, Agility and the Field.


Congrats MACH Klymer

Klymer_in_PACongrats to Jean Owen and Klymer on earning the MACH on Nov 21.  The 20th QQ came on two challenging courses today!  Way to go Jean and Klymer.  Klymer adds the MACH to a few other letters – CCA,CD,WC.

August – Beamer and Sassy

Congrats to Jane and Beamer on earning MACH3.  And, running under Clyde for the final double for MACH3.  Way to go Jane and Beamer.

Congrats to Sassy on finishing the requirements for the Agility Dog Hall of Fame (Golden Retriever).

Congrats to MACH Sassy

On a hot, humid and stormy day in June – Sassy finished her MACH.  Just 13 weeks after having a litter of puppies – Sassy came back to competition to earn the 6 needed double Q’s in just 9 attempts.  She finished her MACH at the same trial her mother did two years earlier!!!!

Sassy with a few of her sons!

AKC Nationals – Fast-Trak Fun!

Congrats to Jane and Beamer for making the finals of the 20 inch class at the AKC Nationals.  How cool was that to see Beamer on the live video streaming.  Was also cool to see new family member, Duster in the finals!

Congrats also go  to Klymer and Jean.  Klymer was the high scoring golden in the 24 inch class.

Oh yea- then there were those terrific Pine Run dogs.  Olivia, Splash and Nikon also had some very nice runs!

Congrats to MACH 3 Nikon

At the end of February, Nikon and Karen entered a three day trial needing three QQ’s for MACH3.  Not a problem for Nikon – they went 6/6 on the weekend finishing MACH3.  Way to go Karen and Nikon.

Congrats to MACH2 Beamer

At the end of February, on a standard run, Beamer earned MACH 2.  Way to go Beamer and Jane!

Nutmeg – Bronze LAA and ADCH Bronze

Way to go Nutmeg and Kathy on earning the Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award and the Bronze ADCH.  That makes her only one of 4 goldens to have earned the Bronze LAA.  You girls rock!

Watch her Bronze run at: